The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord

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The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord von T. D. Jakes - Für den normalen Fall, The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord durch T. D. Jakes wurden verkauft für EUR 10,78 jede Kopie. Das Buch veröffentlicht von . Es beinhaltet 256 Seiten und wurde in die Kategorie eingestuft Gesundheit, Geist & Körper. Dieses Buch hat ein gutes Feedback vom Leser, es hat eine Bewertung 5.0 Sterne von 53 Leser. Melden Sie sich jetzt an, um auf Tausende Bücher zum kostenlosen Download zugreifen zu können. Die Registrierung war kostenlos

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The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord In this accessible, sensitive, and practical book, the bestselling author of "Woman, Thou Art Loosed!" and "Loose That Man and Let Him Go!" provides inspired and clear advice to women who desire to transform past pain into fuel for future achievement. "Take it from me, the material within this book does make a difference".--Natalie Cole. Full descriptionT.D. Jakes's insights and expressions are balm for every woman's soul. As he explains so compassionately, we have lost sight of "the lady," and it is a loss that continues to buffet women and misdirect men. Jakes eschews condemnation and exposes the lies that have cloaked women in sorrow, helping women to stand in the beauty, strength, and confidence God intended. Bishop Jakes, church founder, pastor, and author of numerous books, including the bestselling Woman, Thou Art Loosed!, structures this book in three parts. In the first, he gently takes the hand of every woman who has been ill-used, crippled in the innermost being, and shows her what is truly beautiful about the feminine. In part two, he opens the door for communication between husband and wife, lover and friend. Part three brings alive the passion of the Lord for women, this most exquisite of His creations. Much has been lost. Weep with Bishop Jakes over the pain to which women have succumbed. But loss is not forever. In fact, any woman reading this book will likely feel something emerge within her, something long forgotten but something that rings of truth. --Ann Weinheimer

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Titel des Buches/td>The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord
AutorT. D. Jakes
Seitenzahl256 pages
KategorieGesundheit, Geist & Körper
Dateinamethe-lady-her-lover-and-her-lord.pdf (Vitesse du serveur 22.47 Mbps)
Dateigröße19.55 MB

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Thought provoking, inspirational, motivating, spiritual! - God has truly annoited this man with an deep understanding of his words and of the inner feelings of women. This book has reinforced and reminded me of what a blessed creation of God women are and we should be humble and so very proud! Thank you God for sending this man to our world! This book along with "Woman Thou Art Loose" has done wonders for my self-esteem. It has reinforced what my elders taught me, "God is the one constant in your life and always will be." "He's the same today, yesterday and tomorrow." I'm on many mission and with the Lord's help I know I will succeed. My first mission is to find a church home. The Lord knows my heart and I know he will bless us soon with a church and a home. My mother too, Serita has gone home and I'm still aching. She taught me though, that the Lord heals wounds and I know he will heal yours and mine. May he continue to comfort you and bless you. Bishop Jakes, continue to do God's work. I...
This book will REDEFINE RELATIONSHIPS!!!! - What a healing!!! I have celebrated who I am in Part I, The Lady, and my stock in myself has increased. I have shed small tears of remorse as I read Her Lover, and thought back on ways I may have caused my late husband to not open up and share with me!! But I have embraced being that Virtuous Woman that would be ready if the FATHER choses to send me a mate again. Thank you Bishop Jakes, for doing what we can't get the men in our lives to do.... share. Thank you Sis. Jakes for letting him open up to us to make us better lovers and friends to the husbands we have or God may be sending. I see the shadow of my footsteps in the chapter on Embracing Her Lord, as I too celebrate being a daughter of Sarah. Who are you Bishop Jakes, that you know us so well??!!! Thank God for using you so mightily. I have rejoiced, I have wept, I have shouted and sang praises to God. Every man and woman in a relationship, contemplating a relationship, thinking they never want to be in an! other...

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